Jon Stolpe Stretched

What's S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g me now?

Scout Camp

My son heads to scout camp in Vermont this morning.

In about an hour, we’ll be putting him on a bus with others scouts and leaders from his troop.  From there, he’ll begin the journey to camp where he will work on merit badges and scout skills.  He will bond with others, and he will be challenged to work on his character.  I anticipate that he will come back next weekend exhausted yet STRETCHED.

The Boy Scouts of America has taken some hits in the media through the years thanks to their position on several key issues.  While I’m sure there are some very bad experiences that some kids have had in their scout troop, this is not the case for most boys.  I’m thankful for this organization – especially our local troop – where my son has been pushed.  Over the years, I have seen him develop more confidence, stronger leadership skills, and better decision-making skills.

And so today, I pray for Isaac.

God give Isaac and his troop safety as they travel today to Vermont.  May this be a week that Isaac will always remember.  Help Isaac to stand tall, to grow, and to represent you well while he is away this week.  I pray that You would ease any struggles he experiences with home-sickness.  And I thank You for this opportunity for Isaac.  More than anything, help him to know Your love this week and always.


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