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Top 10 Things To Do At Grove City College

Leanne and I are getting ready to head out to Grove City College for homecoming and Leanne’s 15th reunion.  I’m excited to go back to the place we first met.  My four years at GCC were extremely memorable.  Since I’m thinking about it, here’s my Top 10 Things To Do At Grove City College:

1.  Go to chapel (16 times a semester).  As much as that may sound dull, we were blessed with some great speakers at GCC.  I particularly remember John Guest, Tony Campolo, and R.C. Sproul.

2.  Look to your left and look to your right.  As Nancy Paxton would tell all freshman, your future mate may be in sight.  As it turns out, I met Leanne at the end of my junior year.  The rest is history, so they say.

3.  Fries and cheese at the Gee.  I still remember the GeeDunk lady screaming, “Fries and Cheese” into the microphone as students waited for their late night snacks.  The GeeDunk has moved to another building since I graduated, but I’m sure many students from my generation will remember the Gee of old.

4.  Shoe in the door and two feet on the floor.  This was the saying that went with intervisitation – the couple of weekend hours when guys could visit girls in their dorms and girls could visit guys in their dorm rooms.  Honestly, I didn’t participate in this much at all, but it’s one thing that I remember about Grove City.  Grove City College kept guys and girls separated as far as sleeping quarters, so this couple of hours was considered sacred for many dating couples.  The shoe in the door and two feet on the floor things was a phrase meant to explain that things during intervisitation were supposed to stay pure.

5.  Wolf Creek, Wolf Creek, Wolf Creek.  This is the chant you would often hear as engaged guys were carried down to the creek.  They would receive a kiss from their girlfriend before their “buddies” threw them into the murky waters of Wolf Creek.  Yes, I have my own Wolf Creek story.

6.  Get off the Quad!  When I went to Grove City College, the Quad was considered sacred ground.  If anyone was seen running across the Quad, someone from Ketler would yell out the window, “Get off the Quad!”  I had the privilege of living in Ketler right on the Quad my freshman year, so I had a front row seat to the ‘holy green grass.’  Now, I understand that they let students use the upper quad for light sports.  What’s happening over there at GCC?

7.  Intramural sports.  I love playing intramural sports.  While at Grove City, I played basketball, football, softball, and even bowling.  It was a blast participating in these sporting events with my friends.  One of my favorite moments in my intramural sports career was dunking in a game while Leanne was watching.  My first ever dunk in a game situation.  I was flying high for a week!

8.  Study, study, and more study.  Grove City College is known for very high academic standards.  I spent many hours preparing for tests, quizzes, papers, projects, and final exams.  You could often find me hiding in the stacks up in Buhl Library, in the lab in Hoyt Hall, in Ketler Rec Center, or in my dorm room.  I’m so thankful for the rigorous academic programs at Grove City.

9.  Salt Company, Warriors for Christ, and other on-campus Christian groups.  It was truly a blessing to have these groups to lead and participate in worship and fellowship with fellow students.  So much of my world view and spiritual focus was shaped and groomed during my four years at the Grove.

10.  Meet life long friends.  I was truly blessed to meet some incredible friends at Grove City.  I met people through the engineering program, through my housing group, and through many on-campus activities.  I met my best man and two-year roommate, John Hackworth.  And I met my best friend and soul mate, Leanne, at Grove City.

Obviously, there are other things to do at Grove City College, but these are some of the top ones from my memory.  I look forward to walking through the campus and the town of Grove City and remembering four of the best years of my life.  It should be a blast!

What’s one thing you remember about your college experience that you don’t want to forget?


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  1. I love that as an only child, I grew up and became very independent. I got the party out of my life by the time I graduated, which was good because I met and fell in love with my husband just a couple of months before I graduated. We got engaged the week before I graduated and were married by Christmas. I am still in touch with many of my classmates as well.

    Comment by Sandy Collum Sandmeyer | September 23, 2011 | Reply

  2. 10 more things to do at GCC…

    1. Eat delicious food at the dining hall. Sometimes the lunches were so bad (the sherbet plate, the inedible roast beef, the “wings” from chickens that must have been malnourished) that you had to eat the omnipresent cereal and a salad for lack of anything else to consume!

    2. Walk… It really was the easiest way to get around campus and town. Even if you brought a car, you had to park your car in lots that were known as “Siberia.” Why walk to your car when you could probably get there just as fast on foot? Walking into town also helped to pass the time. I even knew people who walked 15 miles round trip to Slippery Rock to enjoy a leisurely walk in the fine countryside.

    3. Memorize 10 second snippets from countless classical selections for your humanities courses. For us tone deaf students this was a real challenge (I still wonder how this prepared me for future career aspirations!). When done with that, don’t forget to brush up on your knowledge of fine works of visual art!

    4. Sleep. Had a friend that recommended periodic sleep sessions of 16-18 hours to correct all that ails.

    5. Do some community service work at the local food pantry. Always a good thing to share your time and God’s love with others… especially when the Dean of Men has “volunteered” you and your friends.

    6. Take a good course. I would suggest the old Freshmen Orientation course. Why I had to take a P.E. course in college, I will never know. But, I would guess the cute coeds appreciated seeing us young men in our stylish red P.E. shirts and short red shorts. (I’ll spare you a description of the swimsuits!)

    7. Tune into WSAJ. In my day, it was a voice for the campus with student DJs playing music that we enjoyed (or the DJ enjoyed). The WSAJ Question of the Day was something to look forward to as well!

    8. Wait in line… I seem to recall students waiting in line for days to buy their books to start the semester. There were lines in the cafeteria and for computers in the TLC. Wait your turn!

    9. Enjoy the weather. It snowed on my birthday in October there one year. Then there was the 2 feet of snow in March of 1993. Campus was closed for weeks (maybe days). We shoveled snow, had epic snowball battles and made gigantic snowmen because classes were canceled. Spring usually rolled around by May… just in time for finals.

    10. Share good times with a friend. It is amazing how many fun and interesting things you can do with friends on campus when you have a little time to spend together! (#10 warrants its own Top Ten list! Maybe later!)

    Comment by Hack | September 23, 2011 | Reply

    • This is a great list, Hack! As per our conversation, I’m sure everyone has a different “Top 10” experience. I’m so thankful for the many memories and stories that were created through two years of rooming together. Great to see you on Saturday as well – I just wish there was more time!

      Comment by jonstolpe | September 27, 2011 | Reply

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