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Psalm 36 – Love and Faithfulness


This morning I woke up with these words on my mind from Psalm 36:

 5 Your love, LORD, reaches to the heavens, 
   your faithfulness to the skies. 
6 Your righteousness is like the highest mountains, 
   your justice like the great deep. 
   You, LORD, preserve both people and animals. 
7 How priceless is your unfailing love, O God! 
   People take refuge in the shadow of your wings. 
8 They feast on the abundance of your house; 
   you give them drink from your river of delights. 
9 For with you is the fountain of life; 
   in your light we see light.

Our vacation to Canada gave us some great visual reminders of God’s love and faithfulness.

How have you experienced God’s unfailing love and faithfulness this summer?


August 17, 2011 - Posted by | experiences, family, looking back, thoughts, vacation, verses


  1. God showed his unfailing love and faithfulness to me in the great friends I made this summer, one of them being that remarkable dude Jon Stolpe.

    He also healed my mother from her operation, and I got to witness the beautiful work done at the rehabilitation center where she is recovering.

    With my father-n-law, it has been harder to see God’s mercy; however, it is there, at least in my wife Debby’s remarkable strength and ability to remain herself in this difficult situation.

    Through my blog, God opened my eyes to the gift of the wonderful community where we live and the some of the amazing people that make it special.

    God also shows his love and mercy in being patient with my weakness and giving me a new chance every day.

    Off to the gym!

    Comment by Michael Shaw | August 17, 2011 | Reply

    • Thanks, Michael! I have enjoyed your friendship as well. Thanks for the transparency of your comment. It’s amazing to recognize God’s faithfulness and love through the obvious things. I think this can help us know hope through the harder aspects of life. I’ll keep praying for Debby’s dad.

      Hope the gym time was great!

      Comment by jonstolpe | August 19, 2011 | Reply

  2. Looks wonderful! I read that Psalm to my son a few days ago, so reassuring!

    Comment by Beck | August 18, 2011 | Reply

    • I think the Psalms can be a great place to ground ourselves through the ups and downs of life. Thanks for the comment, Beck!

      Comment by jonstolpe | August 19, 2011 | Reply

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