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Book Review: Leadership is Dead – How Influence Is Reviving It

I recently finished reading Jeremie Kubicek’s new book, Leadership is Dead – How Influence Is Revising It, and I would definitely recommend this book to leaders who want to leave a legacy that out lives themselves.  Kubicek contrasts the leadership of those who are self-preserving and those who are self-fulfilling.  He outlines very clearly how a leader can have a much more positive and significant impact on others by giving themselves away to serve others.

It seems fairly basic, but these are concepts that every leader needs to hear again.  I know that I was challenged in my leadership at work, at church, and at home to be intentional and purposeful in serving others and providing positive influence.  I was also challenged with the fact that I need to make sure I’m plugging into people who can have a positive influence on me as a leader, husband, parent, friend, and Christ-follower.

Who is influencing you in a positive way?  Who are you investing in to be a positive influence?


June 20, 2011 - Posted by | book review, leadership


  1. I may have to check out this book. Legacy is a big topic with me…I wrote my first Bible study on that topic. I’m convinced that most people do not give much thought to their legacy.

    Comment by Leah Adams | June 21, 2011 | Reply

  2. Our legacy is each other. The only thing we can take with us out of this life is each other. All of our accomplishments, all of our earnings, all of our institutions, everything we build and invest ourselves in is left behind. But the people with whom we share the hope of the resurrection to eternal life will be with us in the Kingdom of God, probably not so much focused on each other as all of us together enthralled in worship.

    Comment by Norman Stolpe | June 21, 2011 | Reply

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