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Cold Frame – A Gardening Update

I took this picture yesterday while working in the yard.  (Did I mention that I love to work outside in the yard?)  Isaac and I just finished making our first cold frame.  It’s a place to grow vegetables when the weather isn’t quite ready for growing outside.  We trash picked the storm window (my brother would be proud of me), and I had the rest of the material in my workshop.  The actual box is 45″ long by 33″ wide by 13″ high.  We used two-by-fours to build to structure, and we covered it with T-11 siding.  We added some molding on the top to finish it off nicely.  Then we primed it.  We added some hinges to the window for easy access.  After adding some dirt, Leanne planted some lettuce and spinach.  We should start seeing some sprouts in the next week.  Oh, I can’t wait to taste that first harvest of lettuce and spinach.

(As a side note, our cilantro and scallions are standing about 3″ tall inside, and our chives and lavender are just starting to poke through.)

St. Patrick’s Day is coming!  This is traditionally the first opportunity to plant some early vegetables outside.  I can’t wait!

How does your garden grow?


March 6, 2011 - Posted by | gardening

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