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Plan Your Epitaph

I’m in the process of reading Chazown by Craig Groeschel, and I just finished Part I.  At the end of this section he encourages the reader to finish six statements.  “Forget the past, because you can’t change it.  During those final days (of your life), how do you want to be able to finish the following statements?”  I thought I throw out my initial responses to these statements here (but to be honest I have more pondering to do to fully finish these completely).  I also thought it would be challenging for you to consider these as well.  I’d love to hear how you would finish these statements.

1.  The thing that was most important to me was…

God (first) and my family (second).

2.  People say I stood for…

loyalty, integrity, Christ, and community.

3.  I made a difference in my world by…

setting an example for my own family and other families and by pointing others to Christ.

4.  God was glorified because I…

followed Him and led out loud in my home, in my job, in my community, and in my church.

5.  People knew I loved them because…

I listened to them.

6.  The reason I expect God to say “well done” is…

(tough one) I stuck with it through thick and thin.  I stayed true to Him.  I trusted in Him.  I lived to help others find Him.


November 30, 2010 - Posted by | book review, family, life, parenting, stretch, thoughts

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