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The Gift of Giving

I thought I’d share something written by our daughter.  As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, she has really blown us away by her thoughtfulness and generosity.

The Gift of Giving

      A little bit ago I started a small earring business called B-Jeweled.  It started as a regular business, me getting all of the money from it.  About the same time I was reading an awesome book by a 14 year old, Austin Gutwin.  The book was called Take Your Best Shot and quickly inspired me to do something “bigger than myself”.

      About 2 weeks before the beginning of B-Jeweled, my parents went to a meeting.  This meeting was about a mission trip to one of the oldest and poorest slums in the world, Nairobi, Kenya.  In Kenya my parents were going to see our sponsor child, Jonathan (see Sponsor Spotlight), teach the teachers at the schools there, put light in their huts, and help out in the medical clinics.  They soon decided that they would go and started collecting money (the trip is about 4,000 each).

      As I said before, I was inspired to do something and I found the answer in my parent’s trip to Kenya.  Instead of giving   B-Jeweled earnings to myself, I decided to give prophets to my parent’s trip to Kenya.

      Before I knew it, it was 2 weeks before Christmas and I had $26.30. Wow! Who knew I could raise so much money with a small earring business!


B-Jeweled has continued to grow and raise money for Kenya. So far B-Jeweled has raised more than $70!


January 8, 2010 - Posted by | Kenya, parenting


  1. I love this story, Jon. Now even moreso. Your Hannah really gets it, doesn’t she? You and Leanne are such great parenting examples!

    Comment by Jennifer | January 8, 2010 | Reply

  2. To my dear Granddaughter, Hannah,

    I am so proud of you, Hannah! What a caring, giving, young lady you are. I know God blesses a cheerful giver, and I think you have already learned the blessing of giving.

    When I was growing up, my Dad and Mom taught me about the importance of giving a portion of my earnings (10% or more)
    to the church or a mission endeaver for the Lord. So I would give from my babysitting earnings. Eventually, at 16 yrs. of age, I began working at the Sveden House Smorgasbord, not far from my High School, on weekends and after school. I worked in the Salad and Dessert Section and learned to make lots of different things. I had fun. I continued to give a tithe or more for the Lord’s ministry…even through all my employment in the year’s ahead. When Grandpa and I were married, we gave to the Lord
    right from the start. We have not regretted this, at all. We are thankful for how God has blessed us.

    Hannah, did you write this article for school or for church?
    I’m so glad I saw your Dad’s post on facebook and his blog.

    I love you Hannah! I know Grandpa loves you, too!


    Comment by Mom Stolpe | January 8, 2010 | Reply

  3. Very cool! There’s nothing more exciting than kids who decide to make a difference.

    Comment by Becky | January 8, 2010 | Reply

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