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Prince Caspian

This afternoon, I took Isaac and two of his buddies to see Prince Caspian as we celebrated his birthday. Let me say, I thought the movie was great! This should come as no surprise as I feel bonded to the entire Chronicles of Narnia story thanks to my dad who read all seven books to me as a child. Disney did a fabulous job retelling this chapter in the seven book Narnia series. Besides all the special effects, I was struck again by how C.S. Lewis used this story to share important life truths. For whatever reason, I was especially struck through the movie by God’s grace for us. Just like Peter wanted to be in control and seemed to lose hope that Aslan would ever reappear, I often feel like I try to be in control of the situations I’m in, and I seem to forget that God is there for me. It was neat to see how Aslan showed grace to Peter at the end of the story. I’m pretty certain that this is the same way for our relationship with God. You gotta check out this movie to see what I mean.

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May 17, 2008 - Posted by | movies

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